Change is as old as time…

Change is inevitable. Just when we get familiar and comfortable with a procedure or practice, it will change! Habits are hard to change. With the dawn of the new semester, changes will be expected of everyone. Changes in performance expectations in a class, new Blackboard features, and new study habits are examples of this inevitable change. Adjusting to the newness can create a feeling of discomfort for a short while.

Technology is an example of how changes will force us to learn new ways of doing most everything! Take a look at the video “Help Desk for Reading Books.” Then, see how similar we are to the monks depicted here.

How will you cope with the changes of the semester?

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One Response to Change is as old as time…

  1. Lisa Ray says:

    Dear Proffessor Sawyer,

    I really like this subject about change. I had posted to this once but dont believe it sent thru. Before I could save it, my internet connection failed. So hopefully I am not duplicating.
    Change is the inevitable that seems to evolve dailey. I graduated in 1977, and school is much more different. It is giving me challenges to work harder to learn. To learn all over again is scary but also very exciting. I try to look at change as a way of becoming more successful in my life.